Zombies (or infected) are player-controller antagonists of the game.

When you're playing a zombie your goal is to infect all humans.

Most zombies instantly infect humans with a hammer hit. Some other infect damaging humans with a weaker hammer, with a hook or with an explision effect.

Changing a zombie class

As a zombie you can change your zombies class any time by returning to infection circle (white dots circle)

Zombie standing in infection circle:

While standing inside the infection circle use mouse scroll wheel (or +prevweapon/+nextweapon bind) to enter and navigate a zombie class selection menu

List of zombie classes

appearance name description
  • hook damage: 2 hp
  • 2 air jumps
  • low shotgun knockback
  • flight (unlimited jumps)
  • hammer deals 1 dmg
  • a brief stun effect on hooked human
  • hook doesn't deal damage
  • hammer deals 2 hp damage (weak)
  • infinite respawns near the Queen
  • can self-explode damaging humans near him
  • can self-explode leaving poison cloud near him
  • doesn't deal damage with a hammer
  • hook deals very little damage (3x less than usual)
  • can jump 3 times
  • second jump is a dash forward
  • hooked human becomes slow-motioned
  • hooked ninja deactivates it's ability and cannot reactivate it while grabbed
  • hook stretches endlessly after grabbing and also grab duration is not limited
  • Workers are respawn near her
  • Only one of zombie players can choose it