Humans (or survivors) are player-controller protagonists of the game.

When you're playing a human your goal is to survive.

Most humans have powerful weapons or have ability to build defences. Stay closer to other humans and help each other.

Avoid falling into an infection circle (zombie base) as it will instantly turn you into a zombie.

Watch your health, you will turn into a zombie when your health will drop to 0.

Changing a human class

As a human you only can change your class during a warmup (first 10 seconds of any match)

List of human classes

appearance name description
  • Not really a class. When you choose it then the game decides what human class you will be in game.
  • Humans choosen their class as Random will get full armour as a bonus.
  • The Biologist can create spring laser traps with the laser rifle.
  • Shoot at solid ground nearby to place the trap.
  • When an infected touches the trap, the core of the trap explodes in bouncy lasers that deal damage to the infected.
  • It has a shotgun with bouncy bullets.
  • Biologist's hammer can be used to remove Poisoner's toxic clouds by hitting them. It can also instantly kill an infected.
  • Biologist is immune to Poisoner's effect.
  • The Engineer can build walls with the hammer to block infected.
  • When an infected touches the wall, it dies and reduces its lifespan by 5 sec.
  • The lifespan of a wall is 30 sec, and walls are limited to one per player at the same time.
  • The Medic can protect humans with the hammer by giving them armor. An other human needs healing if above them is a floating shield (missing armor) or a heart (missing armor and health).
  • Grenades with medicine give armor and health to every human in their range.
  • Laser rifle revives the infected, but at the cost of 17 hp.
  • Revived player is put at 1 hp.
  • Medic also has a shotgun that can knock back infected.
  • The Soldier creates floating bombs with the hammer.
  • Use the hammer to place the bomb and explode it multiple times.
  • Each bomb can explode twice.
  • It also has a grenade launcher that doesn't harm the user.
  • The Scientist can pose floating mines with the hammer.
  • Mines are limited to 2 per player at the same time.
  • Scientist's grenade launcher is used to teleport at the cost of 1 hp.
  • He also has an explosive laser rifle that doesn't damage him.
  • Scientist is immune to Freezer's effect.
  • The Mercenary can fly using its machine gun.
  • Its pistol is an automatic machine gun with huge recoil. It can be used to damage infected and to fly.
  • It can create powerful bombs. Place the bomb down and then charge it using a hammer. It detonates when colliding with an infected or can be detonated manually with a hammer. The more you charge it, the stronger it gets.
  • Mercenary can also throw poison grenades that each deal 8 damage over time.
  • scroll mouse wheel down on ground to activate Ninja mode
  • scroll mouse wheel up to deactivate Ninja
  • strike consumes a ninja time
  • bomber and poisoner will not explode when ninja kills them
  • if used properly, can jump up to 5 times
  • deals 9 hp damage currently with ninja strike
  • hammer instakills but boomer and poisoner will explode if killed by it
  • immune to freezer's stun
  • has no stun grenades (yet)
  • The Hero can look for flags that heal every human.
  • The flag is hidden somewhere on the map and it is visible to any player. The flag gifts 4 hp to everyone and full ammo to the hero that picked it up.
  • Hero takes 3 times less damage from being outside of the Safe Zone.
  • Hero's pistol is a flag tracker.
  • It also has a grenade launcher that does not harm the user.
  • Hero is immune to Poisoner's ability.
  • Hero is taking maximum 9 HP damage from zombime hammer hit.
  • He deals 10 HP damage with its laser rifle
  • He can triple jump
  • He can lock himself for 15 seconds with a hammer hit
  • While locked laser deals 15 HP damage
  • He cannot lock himself in air twice
  • Hit hammer or a jump key again to unlock
  • Unlock with a jump key doesn't add him extra jumps so if he used all 3 jumps he will fall
  • Taking maximum 5 HP damage from a zombie hammer hit.
  • Taking maximum 5 HP damage from a Boomer explosion.
  • Has a hammer as his only weapon.
  • Poison immune.
  • Freeze effect immune.
  • Leeches 2 HP/second when grabbing a zombie with a hook (like a Smoker).
  • Cannot be healed with Medic. Still Hero can heal him with flags as usual.
  • Have a very fast laser with limited range
  • Can build walls that slows zombies which passes them
  • Can jump 3 times
  • Second jump is levitation for 10 seconds
  • Pistol deals 1 damage and pushes zombie back
  • Grenades forces zombies to levitate for 5 seconds
  • Have an usual laser