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How to play

Download a teeworlds game client from Steam or from teeworlds website

Enter this ip address to the client:

NB: this server is also DDNet-client compatible so you can use that instead.


Infection mod is a game where one player starts as a zombie and then tries to infect everyone by a chain reaction.

Goal of the game is to infect everyone if you're a zombie and to survive before the rescue timer's end if you're a human. If at the end of a round any humans remains uninfected then an army will come to the rescue and will wipe zombies from the game.

We host a variant of this game where zombies and humans have classes and special abilities (infClass variant), but it's quite different from the classics. You can read description of classes and their abilities bellow:

Hook protection

You can turn hook protection on and off by pressing a F3 or F4 key.

This will provide a hook protection from players of your team (zombies/humans).

Players of other team still could grab you.

This doesn't affects collision, any character can move trough any other character .